The origin of modern sports

Paintings of humans in the cave of swimmers Cave paintings have been found in the Lascaux caves in France that have been suggested to depict sprinting and wrestling in the Upper Paleolithic around 15, years ago. The statue is one of the earliest depictions of sport and is housed in the National Museum of Iraq. The cuneiform tablets recording the tale date to around BCE; however, the historical Gilgamesh is supposed to have lived around to BCE.

The origin of modern sports

James Naismith, created in the s, it developed as much through colleges as it did through professional teams and leagues, with the modern National Basketball Association emerging around Covers the Origins, Growth, Records and History of American Football Ice Hockey, whose history is traced to Canada as early as the s, though scholars debate its origin.

The modern sport emerged in the late s in Montreal, with the National Hockey League forming in Hockey is another sport in which early development took place as much in college as it did in professional leagues.

Racing motorized vehicles actually began more with motorized bicycles or tricycles than cars, though not by many years.

The origin of modern sports

Car racing began to emerge at the very end of the 19th century, leading into the development of tracks built for car racing in the first decade of the s, first in Britain inthen later in the U.

The current governing body in international soccer is the Federation Internationale de Football Association, or FIFA, which was formed in although the rest of Europe did not take up the game till the mid s.

The game primarily grew out of England, including the first Wimbledon Championships in The Modern Olympics, growing out of the ancient tradition, resurfaced under the direction of the International Olympic Committee in Athens in The Olympics have been held every four years since, missing onlyand due to world wars.

Sports The History and Evolution

The original Olympiad allowed only men to compete; women were added four years later, in Paris in The original games had 9 sports, while the most recent Winter Olympics in Vancouver had Golf, whose origins are widely disputed, with various historians tracing it back to a variety of different stick and ball games throughout European history.

However, most agree the modern game of golf originated in Scotland in the 15th century. Golf spread globally throughout the 19th century, though almost entirely in locations controlled by the British Empire.

Scholars now say this is probably apocryphal, though the modern sport did likely form around the area at the same time. Boxing, whose history dates back to Ancient Greece, and became the modern sport we know today primarily inwhen the Marquess of Queensbury published a code of rules which still primarily govern the game today.

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There are today 4 organizations recognized as governors of the sport: Cricket, another sport whose origins are murky at best, though the modern game began to emerge in the s. The first test match, which is a cricket match played between two countries, was inplayed between Australia and England.

The International Cricket Council, the governing body of the sport, was founded inthen called the Imperial Cricket Council and consisting only of England, South Africa and Australia. The organization today consists of 10 full members.

Our New Sports Section and the specific sports pages were written and researched by a passionate sports fan while majoring in journalism at the University of Missouri.Sep 11,  · Check out the origins of modern day sports!

From football to soccer and baseball, this top 10 list shows the history of famous sports! Subscribe For New Videos! History of sports can be traced back to the ancient Greeks.

During those days admiration for the healthy human body is shown in their sculpture and makes almost a religion of competitive athletics. It was their custom on solemn occasions, including even funerals, to engage in races. This course draws on the tools of anthropology, sociology, history, and other disciplines to give you new perspectives on the games we watch and play.

It's the new and improved version of Professor Orin Starn's original "Sports and Society" for Coursera, which drew more than 40, students.

A Brief History of Sports

In the origin of modern sports, cricket became popular different nations of the then British Empire including Australia, South Africa and India.

However, the revival of the Olympic Games by Baron Pierre de Coubertin was greatly influenced by the amateur ethos of the English public schools. Now that you've learned about the origins of these sports, read up on their modern versions!

We’ve told you about 10 Iconic Sports Moments That Everyone Gets Wrong, and we’ve also made the case that FIFA is . Sports play a giant role in contemporary society worldwide. But few of us pause to think about the larger questions of money, politics, race, sex, culture, and commercialization that surround sports everywhere.

Modern Sports History including Culture the Beginnings and Major Events