The china syndrome film analysis

Those who wear one are the bad guys, spoiling all the potential public benefits of their businesses with reckless greed. The whole thing might well have been a flop. Then real news intervened. Jane Fonda says in DVD commentary that she was originally interested in pursuing the story of Karen Silkwood, a nuclear-facility worker who died in a mysterious car crash.

The china syndrome film analysis

The synopsis below may give away important plot points.

Detailed plot synopsis reviews of The China Syndrome

As such, Kimberly reports stories of local interest that contain little substance. While watching the Ventana control room from an observation area with public relations officer, Bill Gibson, the plant goes through a reactor SCRAM, a temporary shutdown of part or all of the plant.

On the control console, a chart recorder indicates that the water level in the reactor core has risen to an abnormally high level. The crew begins opening relief valves in an effort to prevent too much water from damaging the plant, but the chart continues to indicate an off-scale level.

Minutes later a crew member notices an alternate gauge on the control panel showing that the water level is dangerously low. Suspecting that the recorder pen may be stuck, Godell taps on the glass cover.

He The china syndrome film analysis crew chief Ted Spindler Wilford Brimley watch, sickened, as the pen trace rapidly drops to show that the water level is now mere inches away from exposing the reactor core, and still falling.

The staff scrambles to close the relief valves and restore the coolant systems, but for several agonizing minutes no one knows whether the core is about to undergo a disastrous meltdown. Eventually, backup systems are able to slow and reverse the falling water level, and the reactor is brought under control.

The China syndrome - Washington Times Shift Supervisor Jack Godell Jack Lemmon notices an unusual vibration while grabbing his cup of coffee which he had set down. He then finds that a gauge is misreading and that the coolant is dangerously low he thought it was overflowing.
Review and analysis: The China Syndrome While the two movies need to be considered separately before they can be meaningfully juxtaposed, one preliminary generalization seems in order:
Recommended Jack Lemmon, Jane Fonda, Michael Douglas, Wilford Brimley Detailed plot synopsis reviews of The China Syndrome A California nuclear power plant experiences a dangerous power spike that could have threatened the surrounding population with radiation.

In the observation gallery looking over the control room, Richard, when told he was not permitted to film the control room for security reasons, has tucked the camera under his arm and surreptitiously films the incident. Because the glass is soundproof, the visitors can only guess as to what is happening, however, the panic of the crew is quite apparent, as is their relief when the danger has passed.

Meanwhile, Godell, suspecting there is more to the strange vibration he felt at the beginning of the SCRAM, does some investigating of his own and uncovers evidence that the plant is unsafe.

Specifically, he finds evidence that the welds for the water pumps were not properly X-rayed to show their integrity. Godell concludes that another reactor SCRAM at full power could cause the cooling system to be severely damaged which would result in a catastrophic meltdown.

They are later exonerated by the NRC which concludes that while some errors by personnel were recorded, they still did their jobs adequately. She asks him a few hard line questions about the safety of the plant, however Godell tells her the plant is safe and that there are backup systems to handle problems like the recent event that took place.

Suspicious that there may be more errors to investigate, Jack dons a radiation suit and examines the defective water pump himself with a Geiger counter. He finds an area where nuclear material has leaked onto the floor.

His supervisor, Herman, quickly orders a cleanup and tells Jack not to reveal the problem to anyone and to get the plant up and running. Jack does so with obvious reluctance and leaves work for the day but steals some of the damning x-ray films taken by the construction company that built the plant.

When Jack gets no satisfaction, he threatens to go to the NRC himself. Godell, more nervous than he was before, tells them that he agrees with them and tells them about the false X-rays and the cost-cutting measures done by the contracting company.

The china syndrome film analysis

He also tells them that he was threatened by the firm if he goes to the NRC. Kimberly calls Godell and asks him to speak directly to the convention committee himself.

On the way there, he is chased by more hit men and is unable to join Kimberly. Godell rushes to the control room and finds the plant is nearly at full power.

Once alone and secured inside the control room, he brings the power down to a safer level. He then demands to be interviewed by Wells on live television. Kimberly arrives and is escorted into the control room.

Kimberly contacts Richard, who contacts every other major television network. The SCRAM, if plotted correctly, will distract Godell long enough for the rest of the team to seize control of the plant. After Richard leads the TV production teams into the same observation room he original filmed in, he misses seeing the SWAT team that also arrives to deal with Godell himself.

Kimberly begins to interview Godell, who speaks frantically and makes little sense while explaining the more technical aspects of the recent accident. Godell begins to panic, rushing from one control panel to the next, trying to avert a catastrophe. Kimberly tries desperately to help him, however, Godell, near death, tells her "I can feel it More alarms begin to sound and the SCRAM causes significant damage to the plant, as portions of the cooling system physically collapse.

When the incident ends, Kimberley sees that Godell has died.

The china syndrome film analysis

Outside the plant, a phalanx of reporters and television crews are awaiting word on the events inside. Ted tells the media that Godell was a hero for averting a disaster and that there will be a much deeper investigation this time.Aug 21,  · The China syndrome.

Search ANALYSIS/OPINION: report on how aggressively and successfully the Chinese are “reaching into American universities and American film studios to censor and.

Jan 01,  · "The China Syndrome" is a terrific thriller that incidentally raises the most unsettling questions about how safe nuclear power plants really are.

It was received in some quarters as a political film, and the people connected with it make no secret of their doubts about nuclear power. But the movie is, above all, entertainment: well-acted, 4/4.

Nitin Jacob A ESA Film Paper December 6, The China Syndrome – Nuclear Power Plant Throughout my life I have always been interested in the theatre. The China Syndrome, which with uncanny prescience was released just 12 days before the partial meltdown at Three Mile Island, is a hybrid of two of the genres most closely associated with the 83%(29).

Script Analysis of The China Syndrome

The China Syndrome China's last emperor ()--the film can deal with both our marginal relationship to that history as Westerners and the centrality of that history to world culture. Aug 21,  · The China syndrome. Follow Us ANALYSIS/OPINION: report on how aggressively and successfully the Chinese are “reaching into American universities and American film studios to censor.

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