Singles aus dem erzgebirge

Ein individuelles 1-Raum Apartment ca. What a fantastic place! The location is ideal!

Singles aus dem erzgebirge

It was OK as long as it lasted, but I'm also glad I don't have such a long way to work any more. At well-known and new places we will set up our stage and take you away into Shakespeare's world, which is apparently closely related to ours today.

For long years Duke Vincentio conducted his official duties loosely and let the morals in his fief decay. Now Angelo, the upright defender of decency and morality, whom Vincentio instates as his deputy, shall put things right again, while the duke himself goes on a journey.

Disguised as a monk, however, he returns early and unrecognized and can thus watch astounding incidents. Young Claudio loves his Julia, wants to marry her and has already made her pregnant. No longer to tolerate premarital sex, Angelo wants to have this case punished by decollating Claudio.

He would, however, let himself soften into an amnesty by a love night with the sister of the sentenced, young nun Isabella. A big game of confusion of love, passion, morale, belief, and power ensues.

In the background the duke takes corrective action, prevents the worst, and leads everything to an astonishing end. It is good to see that it is still possible to attract an audience into a theater without pompous buildings and stages.

For me, however, it was a little adventure, because I very rarely travel by train.

Singles aus dem erzgebirge

It may also be interesting for people who don't know Germany. This week and the next I could neither fly to Magdeburg, nor use the car, mainly because I was going to attend the funeral of Mausi's mother in Berlin on the next weekend.

So I decided to make good on an old plan and try the train. My experiences with public transportation even in Germany, a country so much dedicated to subsidizing a hugely loss-making endeavor like the rail system, had been poor, so I was skeptical.

Nonetheless I set out to try it again. A friend had given me a free, unlimited distance within Germany trial ticket, so the opportunity was enticing. Mausi took me to the Ottobrunn S-Bahn station around For those unfamiliar with the German rail system, S-Bahn is an abbreviation of Stadt-Bahn, city train.

The S-Bahn system is a network of city rail lines with trains usually going every 20 minutes. In the city center the trains go underground like the U-Bahn underground trainwhich coexists in Munich.

At the Ottobrunn S-Bahn station just after sunset Despite the Germans' probably obsolete reputation for punctuality, the city train was late by 5 minutes. Fortunately I had planned some buffer time, so this didn't create any risk of missing the next train, but had I taken the last possible city train, I would have missed my connection.

S-Bahn interior Then the S-Bahn came and I rode it for some 25 minutes into the city centre of Munich, where the train dives down into the inner city tunnel system, where the S-Bahn and the U-Bahn underground train system criss-cross each other in several levels.

While I glided up the escalators to the train level at the surface and wound my way through the station, I passed several ticket counters that were already closed, so I proceeded to the main hall counters. A few people were waiting in line, but it wasn't too bad.Stölzel grew up in Schwarzenberg, Saxony in the Erzgebirge.

From he was a student of theology in Leipzig, and of Melchior Hofmann, the musical director of the Neukirche. He studied, worked and composed in Breslau and Halle. Selbstverständlich liegen auch Handtücher und ein Bademantel auf dem frisch bezogenen Bett für Sie bereit.

cafés and some bars all within approx. minutes walking distance. Shops (also Erzgebirge Shop for typical German wooden christmas decoration!), supermarket, bakery, busstop, station.

der raus aus dem Alltag kommen will. Quadriga auf dem Brandenburger Tor und Hotel Adlon / The Quadriga at the Brandenburg Gate and the famous hotel Adlon in the background.

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"Am Bebelplatz wurden Szenen aus dem Film "Lola rennt" mit Franka Potente gedreht." Neue Nationalgalerie. Berlin Berlin Germany "Erzgebirge wood carvings on display.

In a store window." "like the layers. Neben dem Essen gab es verschiedenste Künstler und Artisten, die ihr Können zur Schau stellten, z.B. den Flaschenmusiker, der unglaublich gut auf halb gefüllten Flaschen Musik machen konnte. Musik aus der Flasche. Neben den ziemlich ulkigen Spaßmachern gab es mehrere Tänzerinnen und Artistinnen, bei denen das Zusehen die Sinne erfreute.

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