Rewrite akane route

And the common route is incredibly, amazingly, painfully long unless you think Romeo Tanaka is funny. I personally find him hilarious, so I enjoyed it!

Rewrite akane route

I always hate finishing a VN I really like. Flawed in quite a few ways but enjoyable in far, far more. Speaking of which, I think Key is going to have to find a way to mix a straight-up foreigner in there next VN.

Kud was half and even she has been eclipsed by the ever so absurd Kotori as far as butchering the english language goes. Maybe the next setting could be in boston.

By a long shot. My favorite will probably always be Little Busters due to the relatability of its message, but as far as just being good, Rewrite takes it. I think everyone could guess at least the barebones of Rewrites message just by reading the synopsis, which at rewrite akane route glance can probably come off as.

Rewrite is far bigger in scope than that. Humanity has to get pushed to the breaking point and to the point of crumbling all-together before they work together which can result in far too many sacrifices because we all seem to be caught up in our own agenda unless the future is staring at us in the eyes.

A rather small amount, but noticeable amount of scenes go a bit farther than they need to. One other thing that I feel like I should mention is that Rewrite does occasionally suffer from a bit of a mood swap. This seems to be one of the bigger complaints I see with Rewrite.

At the end of the day though, these complaints are quite minor. Although I seem to be one of the rare people who actually liked all the side-routes despite how flawed some of them are. And to be fair, I think that even the worst side-routes of Rewrite are above the worst side routes of some of other Key works.

The incredibly goofy and fun atmosphere of this left me always happy when I was going through it. I remember actually dreading going into a side route because I kind of knew I was going to get a big kick in the face for it. I feel like Key is really starting to intentionally screw with us here.

With all the little bits of foreshadowing in the common route getting placed beside all the humor and fun slice of life segments I swear you can almost sense the malice in Keys eyes here.

Of course, though, too much of a good thing can be bad. Enough to actually go back and find a few more things that I missed before. Some would even say the common route left me feeling quite booby. I, too, was overcome with booby feelings.

Now, before I go into the side routes, I need to enter a slight ranty-esque mode of mine for a second. Yes, Rewrite does have a problem with the side routes really looking really small and seemingly worthless story-wise.

Is it a flaw?Wahfuu Review! Full Review of Rewrite. March 18, Wahfuu 7 Comments. Akane’s route really is a must-read though, although I can’t say a lot of it would make much sense if you decided to read hers quickly, and it sure as hell can get hard to read sometimes.

Kotori’s is.. . May 09,  · Since this isn't the review for the entire game, I'll only do a brief introduction of the information to it: Rewrite is Key's 9th and currently most recent visual novel. It was released on June 24, and a fan disc that is an extension to the game, Rewrite: Harvest festa!, was released on July.

Rewrite (リライト, Riraito?) is a Japanese visual novel developed by Key, a brand of VisualArt' was released on June 24, for Windows PCs and is rated for all ages.

rewrite akane route

Rewrite is Key's ninth game, along with other titles such as Kanon, Air, and released a fan disc expanding on the game's story titled Rewrite Harvest festa!

on July 27, for Windows. Rewrite the anime breezes through a bunch of them montage style this week, but in the visual novel, they were actually the bread and butter of the common route, sandwiching the more meaty character-centric filling as we had for Shizuru and Lucia.

These sketches were not just for comic relief however. In this VN, Kotori route is my best and only favorite route again.

rewrite akane route

Because kotori route is the continuation story from original rewrite. Kotori is my best and only favorite character, heroine and voice actor again in . Rewrite Rewrite is set in the fictional city Kazamatsuri where treeplanting and afforestation have caused the city to become overgrown with trees.

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