Pig farming business plan in nigeria the yoruba

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Pig farming business plan in nigeria the yoruba

February 3, by articles 4 Comments The Nigerian Political System The geographical area that is known as Nigeria today is a composition of divergent ethnic groups, tribes, dissenting cultures, and like the rest of the African world, varying religious traditions.

Yet, by the amalgamation act ofit came to be known and referred to as the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The present political situation of Nigeria is infected with myriads of problems, a sign of weak foundation and invariably weak superstructure made worse by bad leadership and administration.

Going by the history of her experiences and external influences, Nigeria has gone through a lot of periods, which taken together will give the clearest view of whatever contemporary issue about her that is being studied.

As a result, the Nigerian political system has gone through many changes in government since the so-called Independence of October 1, That Nigeria has not got an adequate political system is evidently clear, well substantiated by the daily events.

But to evolve a true political system for the country, recourse has to be made to the manner in which Nigeria came into being for a possible political redress.

This is how we shall approach the subject matter of this research. In terms of modern political state, Nigeria was a result of British imperial adventure and ambition. However, what really existed in this part of West Africa were a number of independent ethnic nationalities or ethnic groups.

These nationalities had lived politically and geographically separate from one another and in some cases linguistically and culturally different. Lugard, to describe the various British protectorates in the Niger-Delta area. It is estimated that Nigeria is composed of about ethno-linguistic groups, which lived as independent kingdoms.

pig farming business plan in nigeria the yoruba

Among these ethnic groups were the Yoruba nation, the Igbo nation and the Hausa- Fulani nation as major ethnic groups. Chukwu, some of the ethnic nationalities were of old antiquity with evidence of thousands of years of existence before the coming of British colonialism.

There were functional groups and organizations traditionally used as the government of the people to administer justice and ensure the unity and peace of the various ethnic groups or kingdoms.

The independent existence of the ethnic groups was not limitless. No, it had limit. In terms of economic and social relations, they had related with one another.

Trade relations, for instance, as D. Chukwu reports, between the EfiK and the Mbembe, and other ethnic nationalities of the Ogoja province were known to have been facilitated through the Cross River basins.

It was these groups that were, on the imposition of the colonial rule, merged to produce the modern Nigerian state not minding the diversity of their cultural inclinations.

One can immediately begin to visualize the genesis of the Nigerian political instability. A Critical Analysis In the colonial era, it was all exploitation; the welfare to the people was given a thought only when it would benefit the colonial administrators.

Of course, this is no welfare at all. It was mere display of colonial egoistic altruism. Although the people were suffering, they were helpless. However, there was a growing tension between the British and the educated Nigerians, which later metamorphosed into the powerful nationalist movement that fought for the Independence.

Added to this, the period of the World War 11 quickened the fires of nationalism in Nigeria. The Nigerian servicemen, fighting alongside their British masters, experienced other peoples and systems of government. On coming back, they told their villages about the new idea of democracy and self-government they had seen and heard discussed.Port Manteaux churns out silly new words when you feed it an idea or two.

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