Negotiating on thin ice

Skating on thin ice 3, July The lull in the Anglophone problem that has rocked Cameroon for more than eight months seems to give onlookers the impression that things are gradually returning to normal in Cameroon. This is not the true picture of things. The truth can only be found out if you scratch beyond the surface.

Negotiating on thin ice

The dispute resulted in the eventual cancellation of an entire season of hockey and in the loss of billions of dollars in revenue. It may take a minute to download.

Negotiating on thin ice

The case emphasizes the key learning points that are most relevant to a course on negotiation or dispute resolution. Notably, while the case is based in the context of a labor- management dispute in the sports industry, the key lessons and insights are widely applicable across industries and to all types of negotiations.

More specifically, the case is an excellent vehicle for discussing three issues that are critical in negotiation, but which are often ignored or covered superficially in most courses on negotiation.

Not reaching an agreement is not inherently a bad thing. If there is no zone of possible agreement ZOPA —i. However, many negotiations end in no deal despite the potential for significant value creation between the parties.

The case allows for an analysis of psychological, structural, and tactical barriers to negotiation. A key learning of the case is that negotiators need to assess and target the various barriers to negotiation that might arise and derail an otherwise mutually agreeable outcome. Another element, critical in most negotiations, is trust.

The case allows for a more careful analysis of exactly how trust plays a role in facilitating negotiations, what happens when trust problems are ignored or set aside, how parties might create value by resolving problems of trust, and how trust building opportunities can be identified and leveraged.

For the final Assignment, think about these issues: What are the issues?

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Feel free to inject your creative juices and write as if you imagine yourself in the middle of this situation. It might be easy to recognize that value would be created if the two sides in this dispute reached an agreement.

But these parties seem to be having a difficult time reaching an agreement. Of course, not reaching an agreement in negotiation is not necessarily a bad thing. From an economic, or value creation, point of view, do you think these parties should reach an agreement?

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If you decide that a deal should happen, explain why you think it should happen. What is standing in the way of reaching an agreement?

Essays Is this question part of your Assignment?The authors have carefully organized Negotiation: Readings, Exercises and Cases 6e to coordinate closely with their newly revised text, Negotiation 6e, as well as with the shorter version of the text, Essentials of Negotiation 5e.

1 Negotiating on Thin Ice: The NHL Dispute (B) Title Index Name Index Show More. The key issues in the negotiation were the league's demand for a salary cap and for the linking of salaries to league revenues.

The players opposed both of these demands. Exhibits for Negotiating on Thin Ice: The NHL Dispute (A) case memo An Exhibit can be a data chart, map, graph, grid, or simple data table.

While . Refer to “Negotiating on Thin Ice.” Create a paper of 1,–1, words that includes an introduction and conclusion that make relevant connections to course objectives and . On Thin ICE?

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Intimacy creates its own. As an alternate option for the final assignment, you may use the case, Negotiating on Thin Ice that details the National Hockey League dispute between hockey players, represented by the National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA), and team owners, represented by the National Hockey League (NHL).

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