Merchant of venice comedy or tragedy essay

Of the three types of plays recognized in the Shakespeare First Folio -- Comedies, Histories, and Tragedies -- the last has been the most discussed annnd is clearest in outline.

Merchant of venice comedy or tragedy essay

Tragedy William Shakespeare while trying to classify it, as it is a troublesome play to classify in the usual Shakespearean categories of comedy, history or tragedy, I came to the conclusion that the ultimate view of this drama is neither simply a comedy or a tragedy, but a combination of both.

Merchant of venice comedy or tragedy essay

I appreciate any feedback to the matter, whether it still corresponds to the original question? Is my understanding of the term applied correctly in my opinion towards this drama? I look forward to gaining more knowledge towards this assignment which I enjoyed analyzing. We all have read and studied the variety of works of the great writer William Shakespeare, most of his plays can be categorized into comedy, history, or tragedy.

However, this specific plays full name is originally ,The Comical History of the Merchant of Venice, or Otherwise Called the Jew of Venice, but although the title contemplates that it be considered a comedy, after reviewing and summarizing the complete drama, I disagree and view this plays classification to be different.

Considering the above mentioned quote directly from the drama, one would assume it may then be a tragedy, which for a while, I almost believed it to be. But after discovering the final outcome, and looking at the drama as it whole, I would not even consider it a tragedy either.

Nevertheless, I found there to be direct correlation to both classifications within the play as a whole. Earlier through my studies of Drama throughout the chapter, however, I came across a new term; one that I believe would best suit the classification for this particular drama.

Although tragedies are not always followed with death, there are many other points that come across that are aspects of a comedy.

As far as being a comedy, it also displays, not only laughing moments, which are not what a true comedy was actually based on in drama, it displayed for some a happy ending, where there are weddings, and another shot at living for Antonio.

Ultimately, this intended comedy, is in fact a comedy, but can also be viewed as a tragedy, because of the villain, although the final tragedy ends over him. With this in mind, Shakespeare seems to want the reader to gain sympathy for the so called villain, as it has been his difficult life that has took led him there.

Coming from that point of view, it is a tragedy, that he loses his daughter, his agreement misunderstanding, and ultimately his religion, which is forced, and for anyone that would be tragic, to be treated as such all your life for your beliefs, and then ultimately forced to change them.

However, as it was defined earlier, I conclude that the best suited classification for this play overall would be tragicomedy. Works Cited Shakespeare, William.The Taming Of The Shrew - The Taming of the Shrew is one of Shakespeare’s most popular plays with characters that are appealing with humor and based on an understanding of human nature.

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The Merchant of Venice is a play that falls under the latter type, and it has been hotly contested whether this literary work should be classified a comedy or a tragedy.

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Merchant of venice comedy or tragedy essay
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