Management in 21st century essays for scholarships

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Management in 21st century essays for scholarships

Biosecurity and Bioterrorism BSBD 3 Credits A review of bioterrorism, biosecurity, and government biodefense strategy, including the history and science of biological agents in agriculture and society.

Discussion covers surveillance; public health preparedness; response; and recovery at the community, state, and federal government levels. Various aspects of the law, including the Posse Comitatus Act and federal and state quarantine powers, are introduced.

The mental health consequences of bioterrorism are also discussed. A case study of a hypothetical biological attack is analyzed in detail.

Discussion covers disaster and crisis information requirements; information technologies and decision support tools applied to crisis, disaster, and emergency management; and information problems encountered during emergencies.

Tools used include the global positioning system GPSgeographical information systems GISUAS dronesand hazard and emergency management-related software packages, as well as decision analysis methods. Assignments include practical case studies.

management in 21st century essays for scholarships

Emphasis is on developing skills in spotting ethical and legal issues and navigating through the complex and changing legal and regulatory environment as it applies to behavior in cyberspace. Various resources and materials about the ethical and legal operation of modern computer systems, applications, and networks are presented.

An introduction to the theory and practice of homeland security in both the public and private sector at national, regional, state, and local levels. The objective is to apply management concepts to homeland security, identify legal and policy issues related to homeland security, and compare the four phases of homeland security.

An overview of the administrative, legislative, and operational elements of homeland security programs and processes including a review of homeland security history, policies, and programs is provided.

Topics include the threat of terrorism and countermeasures, including intelligence, investigation, and policy that support U.

management in 21st century essays for scholarships

An examination of infrastructure protection at international, national, regional, state, and local levels. The objective is to assess threat, risk, and vulnerabilities and recommend protective measures.


Topics include critical infrastructure at all levels of government, the private sector, and the international community. An overview of U. Focus is on risk reduction and protection of critical infrastructures using available resources and partnerships between the public and private sectors.

Concepts in Homeland Security HSMN 3 Credits An overview of the basic concepts of homeland security, including infrastructure protection, jurisdiction, and issues in technical areas such as interconnectivity and interoperability. An introduction to critical infrastructure assurance as a policy field.

Review covers the concept of critical infrastructures and their interdependencies. Topics include the development of modern critical infrastructures, the reasons why they have become central elements of 21st century societies, efforts being made to safeguard them, and potential threats to their continued effective operation.

Resilience Planning and Preparedness for Disaster Response and Recovery HSMN 3 Credits An in-depth examination of managerial strategies for developing and maintaining resilience in communities, the private sector, and the nation in the face of man-made, natural, and technological disruptions or catastrophes.JSTOR is a digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources.

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