Living in harmony with nature

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Living in harmony with nature

It stresses the importance of education, moral development of individuals, and government based on morality rather than coercion. Over the years, alongside Taoism and Buddhism, Confucianism has provided moral code for people in China, and has very strong influence on the Chinese mindset.

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Relationships Central to Confucianism are relationships. Obligations and duties arise from one's position in relation to others. As an individual, we are related to others in various relationships.

We are in a junior position in relation to our parents and elders, and in a senior position in relation to younger siblings and younger people. We accord the seniors with reverence and the juniors with benevolence and concern.

From the perspective of Confucianism, there are five pairs of relationships that determine people's position with each other: The ways relationships is managed are all encompassing, forming pillars to the social order, beginning from an individual with his family, all the way to that with the country.

Social harmony—the great goal of Confucianism—therefore results in part from every individual knowing his or her place in the social order, and playing his or her part well. Ren and Li Confucianism believes that in order to govern others, one must first govern oneself.

Morality is the basis of government and human relationships.

If we were to summarize the core concepts of Confucianism, we may put it in two words: Both are talking about human relationships; although ren is more at the level of consciousness, and li in its expression, including etiquette and customs. Confucius ren is the fountainhead from which all virtues flow.

It implies love, compassion and equality. It brings harmony resulting from the loving benevolence in us. Confucius believed that human nature is intrinsically good.

Negative leaning and experience of life may surpress the good nature, but benevolence will ultimately bring about its actualization.

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As for li, it refers to the expression of ren, which ranges from propriety to knowing one's proper position in society. For example, if you are the younger, you'll have to show respect to the elder, if you are a guest, you cannot behave like a host and so forth.

Together, ren and li provide moral standards to the behavior of people, from that of rulers to the man on the streets.This year, Ocean Discovery Institute will open a state-of-the-art Living Lab, in the heart of City Heights.

Founded in , Ocean Discovery Institute uses ocean science to empower young people from urban, underserved communities to transform their lives, community, and our world as scientific and environmental leaders.

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Sep 17,  · Human well-being is directly connected to the way we treat our planet's natural resources. Deforestation, pollution, extinction, loss of biodiversity directly impact quality of living. Living in harmony with nature wishes to congratulate Mwape sichilongo for turning his 52 are nature lover hence we are saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU SIR WITH MORE YEARS IN RETURN.

Living in harmony with nature. Sp S on S so S red S · March 24 · # Connect2EarthHour. Living Together in Harmony with Nature: Photo: H.

Living in harmony with nature

Ouwersloot: Model of a House for the Future: This model (scaled 1: 20) is a detailed proposal for a way to live together in harmony with nature. The house can be build by a group of people as a form of re-creation. There is much more fun in building a house together, than to go jogging and burn.

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