Dharma bums critical essay

Contributors to this volume explore how Asian influences have been adapted to American desires in literary works and at Buddhist poetics, or how Buddhist practices emerge in literary works. Starting with early aesthetic theories of Ernest Fenollosa, made famous but also distorted by Ezra Pound, the book moves on to the countercultural voices associated with the Beat movement and its friends and heirs such as Ginsberg, Kerouac, Snyder, Giorno, Waldman, and Whalen. An interview with Kingston is included. Postwar American writers rebelled in a variety of ways.

Dharma bums critical essay

The Dharma Bums as social criticism.

The Dharma Bums

Buddhism as critical lens: Retrieved Sep 21 from https: InKerouac published his next book, The Dharma Bums. Such multicultural perspectives, while popular today in our postmodern society, were not widely embraced when The Dharma Bums first appeared.

The United States is a much more culturally and politically tolerant society than it has been, and part of that tolerance for example, racial and spiritual tolerance Dharma bums critical essay the result of authors like Kerouac who offered alternative ways of thinking and being.

From an anti-essentialist perspective, which I embrace, spiritualities have no essences; they morph and grow in response to the needs of the communities they serve. The truth of any spirituality is pragmatic--not ontological. Such criticism involves an emphasis on the deleterious effects of the mass media, television in particular.

Dharma bums critical essay

Many cultural critics share in the sentiment that television is a major cause of cultural malaise and a reinforcement of corporate values and consumerism. My thoughts on this subject are informed by the late philosopher Richard Rorty, who eventually gave up philosophy i.

I am quite sympathetic with his view, taking, as he does, "literature" in its widest possible sense. Thus, I derive the claim that Kerouac and the Beats, in general, are useful for helping us develop new frameworks, literatures, new visions and new definitions of authenticity.

This essay is an exploratory attempt at this goal. The subsequent popularization in the late s of Asian culture was an important and much needed development in popular cultural resistance to American racist and corporate practices.

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While, as mentioned above, the contemporary United States has become significantly less overtly racist, the U. Anti-Asian Prejudice in the United States Anti-Asian particularly anti-Chinese sentiment has always been palpable in the United States and was, for many decades, the most discernable prejudice embodied in the U.

These Japanese Americans had been interned, en masse, during the war and their property was con fiscated. Think of millions of guys all over the world with rucksacks on their backs tramping around the back country and hitchhiking and bringing the word down to everybody" In an important manner, the Chinese or Asians in general --racially dissimilar to Euro or Anglo Americans--were seen as much more of a threat than the Soviet Union, which shared common cultural and ethnic heritages with the West.

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In other words, hatred of Russia and Russian satellite countries were largely ideological and the product of Cold War conditioning and geo-political realities, while hatred of Asians was visceral and racist, exasperated perhaps by ideology, but certainly predating it.

While both nations were at war with the United States, the German enemy was portrayed as Nazis and the war was portrayed as against Nazism. Germans, to the extent they were not Nazis, were not considered a threat.

Smith wanders from North Carolina to Washington state via Northern California and several places in-between, stopping in any one place only long enough to meditate and pray.

Unlike Japhy, who experiences his Buddhism through more mainstream and social activity "I wanta be enlightened by actions"which includes both productive labor and physical activities like hiking and sex, Smith prefers to sit and commune with nature. The lengthy middle portion of the novel is comprised of Smith sitting in the North Carolina woods for a year meditating.

One day, when Japhy barges into the shack where he and Smith are staying, he demands, "Why do you sit around all day? Smith responds, "I am the Buddha known as the Quitter" In another passage, Japhy asks Smith, "Why do you sit on your ass all day? As Smith declares, "Pretty girls make graves" As he explains, "I was really sincerely keeping lust out of my mind by main force and gritting of my teeth.Jack Kerouac’s The Dharma Bums Kerouac spent the bulk of his writing career riding trains from city to city, meeting people and writing books and poetry.

Buddhist Literatures

He was among the premier writers of the Beat Generation, a group of primarily urban poets and writers who put the basics of life and their spiritual nuances into poetry with a beat. Buddhist Literatures. The Emergence of Buddhist American Literature by John Whalen-Bridge and Gary Storhoff (SUNY Series in Buddhism and American Culture: State University of New Your Press) Assuming the United States as a spiritually dead society, Beat writers and others have shaped how Buddhism has been presented to and perceived by a North American audience.

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Dharma bums critical essay

background of the Kerouac family in terms of the author’s development into the artist who wrote On the Road and The Dharma Bums. The Dharma Bums Summary. Ray Smith, a mid-thirties East Coast beat writer gaining national attention, travels to Berkeley, California and lives with Alvah Goldbook, an East Coast beat poet at the beginning of his career.

Ray meets the younger Japhy Ryder, a student of Zen Buddhism and outdoors enthusiast. The Loser: A Novel (Vintage International) - Kindle edition by Thomas Bernhard. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

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