Comparing the education system in vietnam

Gender disparity[ edit ] Although the literacy rate and the number of girls graduating from primary school in Cambodia are increasing, the number of girls who drop out from secondary education is much higher than the number of boys. The trade-off between school participation and economic activity increases as the child gets older and this trend is particularly prevalent among girls.

Comparing the education system in vietnam

Africa is vast For instance, the Somali are found through the major portion of the Horn of Africa Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Djibouti ; the Mandinka are in Guinea, Mali, Liberia, Ivory Coast and other parts of West Africa; the Fulani, by virtue of their nomadic life, traverse the entire Sahel and are a nation under several nation-states; Swahili is a uniting lingua franca to East Africans as is Arabic to the Northerners.

Sometimes it is not just languages and cultural patterns that unite Africans, but rather substantial similarities in social organization. Whereas the Akan people of southern and eastern Ghana are actually related to the Anyi and Baoule of south-eastern and central Ivory Coastthe Ewe of Ghana and the Kru of Ivory Coast are connected by similar patterns of social organization.

In an increasingly globalized world and the enormous impact of the latter on the entire planet, Africans cannot afford to pursue an isolationist inward-looking policy, nor must they simply emulate Europe, America or other developed countries in designing and implementing curriculum for schools and strategies for development for their specific nations.

Due to excessive foreign influence, Africa was unable to feel its potential and exploit some skills and talents embedded in its tradition, to the promotion of modern education.

What we call today vocational education, for instance, simply eroded and replaced traditional African apprenticeship. The latter were not only schools but also cultural laboratories where parents, teachers and students contribute their input.

As a matter of fact, with the exception of religious education as in the case of Ethiopian Orthodox Church teachings where the Scripture has to be memorizedall other activities such as tilling, fishing, hunting, harvesting, cooking, bee-hive makingtree felling, building construction, painting, choreography and dance, hunting and gathering, handicraft, metallurgy, pottery, brewing etc.

Africa was also the richest in the knowledge and use of herbal medicine but we may gradually lose it unless visionary leaders and scholars preserve this priceless legacy. Africa is also perhaps the richest repository of oral tradition; the cumulative and collective human experience is passed from generation to generation, and yet Africans were unable to intertwine their folklore with education.

In fact, African schooling must systematically infuse oral history as interdisciplinary teaching tool. Ethiopia was dismally low. While schools proliferated, new curricula were designed too.

Comparing the education system in vietnam

It is the year when Nigeria abandoned the British System in favor of the American system, that is six years of primary education, three years of junior high school, three years of secondary, and four of university. By referring to Fafunwa, Coredlia C. After the fall of the military regime insome colleges were upgraded, a new University of Mekelle initially College of Arid Zone Agriculture and Mekelle Business College were opened in Tigray northern regional state.

Another private Business College is also inaugurated in Addis Ababa. A similar comparison could be made between Ghana and Botswana. In the mids, about 1. While Ghanaian secondary schools enrolledper annum, those of Botswana enrolled 36, annually, and while the University of Botswana in Gaborone admitted 2, students, the total university enrollment in Ghana University of Ghana, the University of Science and Technology at Kumasi, and the University of Cape Coast was 8, Egypt is another important country that has made significant success in educational development and expansion of schools and can be compared with the above mentioned countries.

Elementary education is free and compulsory for all Egyptian children between the ages of six and twelve; in Nigeria primary education is free but not compulsory.Education in Scotland is not quite the same as in other parts of the UK.

While it remains very similar up to the age of 11, the education system is different from secondary school onwards.

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The new Fulbright University Vietnam, which matriculated its first cohort in Fall , will help bring world-class, independent education to Vietnam.

Over 21, Vietnamese are members of the Young Southeast Asia Leaders Initiative. The Vietnamese value system is based on four basic tenets: allegiance to the family, yearning for a good name, love of learning, and respect for other people.

addressed accounting issues such as Comparing Vietnam Accounting System (VAS) with IFRS. Under the guidance of Mr. Takahisa Onose, JBS Partner, and other speakers from JBS – Mr.

In terms of quality of schooling, kingdom sits at 47, far lower than neighbour's number 12

Takaaki Nishikawa, Mr. Tomonori Asano, Mr. Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Education and Training, the State Audit of Vietnam, others companies, universities. India and Pakistan compared side by side.

Various facts, figures, measures and indicators are listed allowing similarities and differences to quickly be examined. No matter how different American and Vietnamese education system are, education proves itself as the vital role that affects on skills, value, and success of students.

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