Beneath hill 60 and dulce et

The Great Spirit, who lived within the mountain, sent his youngest daughter out to speak to the storm and tell it to stop blowing so hard, or else the mountain might blow over. He also told her not to stick her head out the top of the mountain, or the wind could catch her long, red hair, and blow her away. The girl, however, having never seen the sea, was overcome with curiosity and stuck her head out of the top of the mountain to see it. As her father the Great Spirit had warned, her long, red hair caught the mighty wind, and she was blown away.

Beneath hill 60 and dulce et

Beneath hill 60 and dulce et

I am a flower of the open field and a lily of the steep valleys. A flower of the open field is accessible, but a lily in a steep valley is difficult to reach.

Similarly, the Faith of the Church is accessible, yet contains mysteries difficult to reach and impossible to fully attain. The bride is also a type of the Virgin Mary; she is accessible by our prayers, yet she is ineffable.

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Like a lily among the thorns, so is my loved one among the daughters. The sinless Virgin Mary is like a flower among the thorns of sin in this world. Sub umbra illius quem desideraveram, sedi: Like an apple tree among the trees of the forest, so is my beloved among the sons.

I sat beneath the shadow of the one whom I desired, and his fruit was sweet to my palate. She also uses the masculine: The desired one is the Christ; those who rest in His shadow find true rest in His teachings and true food in the Eucharist.

He set charity in order within me.

Gray's annotations

Close me in with apples. For I languish through love. Her language is figurative, not literal. She asks the maidens the virgins and the chaste to support the Church with their prayers and obedience.

Again, it pertains to a woman to be embraced, and to a man to do the embracing. Also, if it were her right hand embracing, she would not be asleep, but we learn that she is asleep in the next verse, so he is the one embracing her.

I bind you by oath, O daughters of Jerusalem, by the does and the stags of the open field, not to disturb or awaken the beloved, even for as long as she wills.

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Christ asks them not to disturb the Church, but to be attentive to its will. The Church takes its rest in Christ.

Beneath hill 60 and dulce et

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