Bahai research paper

Although it would be very interesting to include all of the religions of the world while analyzing the many different conceptions of Heaven and Hell, we, unfortunately, only have space to focus our attention on two religions: The purpose of this essay is to focus on these two religions and examine their ideas, thoughts, and beliefs about Heaven and Hell.

Bahai research paper

The new year begins on the vernal equinox which is astronomically determined and falls on March 19, 20, or 21 on the Gregorian calendar ; it consists of 19 months, each month of which is comprised of 19 days.

The calendar, called the "Wondrous Badi Calendar," invests time with spiritual significance by naming weekdays, days Bahai research paper the month, months, years, and cycles of years after godly perfections that can be translated into goodly virtues.

They connect to the timeless progress of the soul. These mirrors, once burnished and polished by spiritual efforts, are potentially reflections of all divine names and attributes of God that are capable of expression in human existence. To the extent that a person is a bearer of one of the names i.

Buck and Melton have called this process "theophoric metamorphosis. In this unique calendric system, each and every unit of time gives pause for spiritual reflection.

Each of these dynamic names of God highlights a distinctive quality of sterling character and human nobility; they may not only be invoked, but they may be evoked. At every moment, a person, noting the present time, takes time to reflect on a godly perfection that can be translated into a goodly virtue expressed in thought and deed.

By doing so, the mirror of the human heart, or soul, may reflect a ray of the spiritual sun. The Feast begins with devotions, is followed by consultation on community affairs, and ends with food and fellowship.

Consultation takes place in a forum similar to a town hall meeting, but conducted with civility and respect. The purpose of consultation is to reach consensus.

Consensus is not always possible, but a recommendation may be conveyed to the Local Spiritual Assembly LSA by way of a majority vote; even individual suggestions may be passed on to the LSA for consideration.

Finally, the community shares food with the goal of refreshing and further uniting the local community. Further Information Christopher Buck and J. Gordon Melton Santa Barbara, Calif.: The Millennium Edition Cambridge: Cambridge University Press,pp.

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A research paper on Baha’i discuss the religion that was founded by Bahá'u'lláh in , started in Iran, and whose founder predicted the coming of a prophet.

Bahai research paper

Sacred Texts Sikhism Index Previous Next. Shri Guru Granth Sahib: Shaloks Of Devotee Kabeer Jee. Section 40 - Shaloks Of Devotee Kabeer Jee - Part Baha’i is a fairly new faith dating back to the mid-nineteenth century.

However, since then more than 7 million people, world wide have joined this faith. This leaves one to wonder how this faith came to be one of the world religions in such a short period of time.

This paper will examine this. Summary to research paper on topic "The Baha'i Faith" Today, more than half of the people in the world abide by one or the other religion.

Many of those who don’t are spiritually inclined. essays research papers - The Baha'i Faith. Experiencing Four Major World Religions First Hand Essay - The nine-sided building and the surrounding gardens give .

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