An overview of the viva la revolution

If all the promises were realized, we'd all be driving the ball yards, hitting every fairway and green, and sinking every putt.

An overview of the viva la revolution

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The World Revolution is an idea for a new, global grassroots social movement for progressive social change. It aims to resolve in a definitive and comprehensive manner the major social problems of our world and our era.

An overview of the viva la revolution

The World Revolution is intended to be a large-scale, mass social movement, involving large numbers of people, and international in scope. It is also intended to be a long-term, yet urgent social movement. A tentative time-frame for the WR is years. There are four broad 'issue areas' of the WR: The World Revolution is intended to be a primarily peaceful and nonviolent revolution, based on nonviolent activism, organizing and advocacy.

A major aspect of the WR is an attempt to unify both the various organizations as well as individuals throughout the world that are working for global justice. The WR is intended to be a free and open social movement, and not a formal, official organization. It is intended to be fully democratic, decentralized and non-hierarchical in its structure and decision-making.

Types of activity and activism envisioned by the World Revolution include: It is envisioned that the WR would be organized into 'local WR groups' or 'project groups', which would form the main organizational structure and nucleus of activity of the World Revolution.

The World Revolution would have a comprehensive, multi-issue agenda of issues of concern and policy objectives on global issues, providing the main basis for advocacy and activism. An agenda would be a comprehensive set of policy objectives that the World Revolution aims to achieve.

An important part of the World Revolution will also be to conduct full research and analysis on various global issues of concern, and which will provide a basis for arriving at concrete and specific policy objectives which the WR will aim to advocate.

Another important part of the World Revolution will be to explore, posit, and pursue new alternatives to existing social, political, and economic systems, structures and institutions.

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