An analysis of the topic of the research as the bread and butter

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An analysis of the topic of the research as the bread and butter

Etymology[ edit ] Harvest-ready, although not yet full-grown, zucchini on plant; the glossy skin is progressively lost after the first week following anthesis. Golden zucchini produced in the Netherlands for sale in a supermarket in Montpellier, France in April The word zucchini and this culinary variety of C.

Zucchino, the masculine form zucchini in the pluralis the first form to be documented in writing. The name courgette French pronunciation: In South Africa, the fruit is typically harvested as a baby vegetable, approximately finger size, and is referred to as "baby marrows".

The female flower is a golden blossom on the end of each emergent zucchini.

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The male flower grows directly on the stem of the zucchini plant in the leaf axils where leaf petiole meets stemon a long stalk, and is slightly smaller than the female. Both flowers are edible and are often used to dress a meal or to garnish the cooked fruit.

Firm and fresh blossoms that are only slightly open are cooked to be eaten, with pistils removed from female flowers, and stamens removed from male flowers. The stems on the flowers can be retained as a way of giving the cook something to hold onto during cooking, rather than injuring the delicate petals, or they can be removed prior to cooking, or prior to serving.

History[ edit ] Zucchini, like all squashhas its ancestry in the Americas. However, the varieties of green, cylindrical squash harvested immature and typically called "zucchini" were developed in northern Italy, as much as three centuries after the introduction of cucurbits from the Americas.

It appears that this occurred in the second half of the 19th centuryalthough the first description of the variety under the name zucchini occurs in a work published in Milan in The first records of zucchini in the United States date to the early s. It was almost certainly taken to America by Italian immigrants and probably was first cultivated in the United States in California.

A report on vegetables grown in New York State treats 'Zucchini' as one among 60 cultivated varieties of C. Mature zucchini can be a metre long or more.

The larger ones are often fibrous. A zucchini with the flowers attached is a sign of a truly fresh and immature fruit, and it is especially sought after for its sweeter flavor.

Zucchini can also be baked into a bread [15] similar to banana bread or incorporated into a cake mix similar to carrot cake.

Its flowers can be eaten stuffed and are a delicacy when deep fried, as tempura. Grilled zucchini Zucchini has a delicate flavor and requires little more than quick cooking with butter or olive oilwith or without fresh herbs.

Quick cooking of barely wet zucchini in oil or butter allows the fruit to partially boil and steam, with the juices concentrated in the final moments of frying when the water has gone, prior to serving. Zucchini can also be eaten raw, sliced or shredded, in a cold salad, as well as lightly cooked in hot salads, as in Thai or Vietnamese recipes.

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Mature larger sized zucchini are well suited for cooking in breads. Zucchinis can be cut with a spiralizer to make zucchini noodles for low-carbohydrate recipes. In Bulgariazucchini may be fried and then served with a dip, made from yogurt, garlic, and dill. Another popular dish is oven-baked zucchini—sliced or grated—covered with a mixture of eggs, yogurt, flour, and dill.

In Egyptzucchini may be cooked with tomato sauce, garlic, and onions.For example, if they say 'put the peanut butter on the bread', then put the jar of peanut butter on top of the bread. After a few students have shared their recipes, ask the students what was.

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The Butter Battle Book is a rhyming story written by Dr. Seuss.

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Yes, I eat bread. It's time to address the many questions I get about one of most wonderful and satisfying foods on earth - Bread!

I don't want to live without it and you shouldn't have to either. Bread is a really hot topic and is targeted as the root of many health problems. Overall, bread gets a bad reputation because grains are not easy for your body to digest, can overwork your pancreatic.

An analysis of the topic of the research as the bread and butter

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